Horseback Riding Lessons
High Standard Stables offers beginner through advanced riding lessons, for both recreational or competitive rider, specializing in hunter/jumper and equitation. Just want to ride while on vacation? We have many lesson packages to suit your individual needs. Due to our busy schedule all 1/2 hour lessons are only available to those who are able to catch, tack and have horse warmed up prior to your lesson unsupervised. If you need assistance with the above, we are happy to help you master these skills with our hour long classes.

Lesson Rates
Private hour - $65.00
Private 1/2 Hour - $45.00
Semi Hour (per person) - $45.00
Semi 1/2 Hour (per person) - $35.00
Group Hour (3 +), (per person) - $40.00
Please Note: We require 24 hour cancelation notice. During inclement weather, please call or text in advance to make sure we are doing mounted lessons. Short of severe weather we will still offer ground lessons if weather is not appropriate for riding.

Horse Training
With qualified staff we can help you with most any training problem. We understand your equine and can help you and your horse form a better relationship. Here are just a few things we can help you fix!

· Dangerous and bad behaviors: Bucking, rearing, biting, kicking, bolting.

· Horse won't stand quietly to be groomed, tacked, mounted.

· Separation anxiety, herd bound, fear, can't trail ride.

· Stops at jumps, won't go through water, won't get on a trailer.

· Won't go, stop, turn, bend, swap leads.

· Fine tuning your "A" show horse.

Whether you want to teach your horse tricks just for fun, ride english, western, dressage, saddle seat, do cross country eventing or just ride for pleasure. Having your horse friend well behaved is a must!

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